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Barnes, Mary Downing

Born: 1850 AD
Died: 1898 AD
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1850 – Born in Oswego, New York, on September 15th. American educator.

1869 – She was educated in the public schools of Oswego until age sixteen, finishing at the Normal School.

1871 – Sheldon enrolled at the University of Michigan in a classical course.

1876 – She was invited to teach history at Wellesley College where she remained for two and one half years.

1882 – She returned to Oswego Normal where she wrote her groundbreaking work Studies in General History.

1885 – She married a former student, Earl Barnes, who was eleven years her junior on August 6th.

1891 – Was appointed head of the department of education at Stanford University.

         – She co-wrote ‘Studies in American History’.

1892 – Mary joined the Stanford history department in March as assistant professor.

1897 – Both Mary and Earl Barnes resigned their posts at Stanford to travel and write in Europe.

1898 – Died of heart disease on August 27th in London.

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