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Barghouti, Bashir

Born: 1931 AD
Died: 2000 AD
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Bashir Barghouti was a Palestinian Communist leader and journalist.


1931 – Bashir Barghuthi was born in the village of Dayr Ghassana, Ramallah district.


1956 – Bashir Barghouti earned a BA degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo.


He was exile in Jordan and joined the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS).


1957 – Barghouti was incarcerated the Al-Jaffar prison.


1965 – Bashir Barghouti freed from Al-Jaffar prison.


1974 – He returned to the West Bank via family reunification.


1975-1977 – Barghouti founded the newspaper al-Fajr (Dawn) which he edited.


1977 – Barghouti left his editorship of al-Fajr.


1978 – In February he founded the newspaper al-Tali’a (The Vanguard) in Jerusalem.


1980-1982 – Barghouti was put in house arrest by the Israelis.


1982 – Barghouti became the General Secretary of PCP (Palestinian Communist Party).


1987 – Barghouti was inducted into the PLO Executive Committee.


1996 – He was appointed Minister of Industry in the first Palestinian National Authority government.


1997 – Barghouti suffered a severe stroke.          


         – He was then appointed Minister of State (a largely symbolic position).


2000 – Bashir Barghouti passed away on September 9, 2000.





2.8 (56.19%) 21 votes