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Barbour, James

Born: 1775 AD
Died: 1842 AD

1775 – James Barbour was born in Barboursville, Virginia in Orange County on 10th of June.

1792 – He served as deputy sheriff of Orange County.

         – October 29, Barbour married Lucy Johnson.

1794 – James Barbour was admitted to the Virginia Bar.

1796 – Barbour was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. He was the youngest member of the House.

1798 – He owned several slaves and was prepared to begin his own plantation.

1811 – Barbour declared his candidacy for the governorship.

1812 – Barbour was reelected Governor in November without opposition.

1812-1814 – He served as Governor of Virginia.

 1815-1825 – He became the Senator from Virginia.

1819 – Barbour was elected president pro tempore of the Senate.

1825 – Barbour became as the Secretary of on 4th of March.

1826 – Barbour was considered for the vice-presidential nomination in the upcoming 1828 elections.

1828 – Barbour was awarded the degree of LL.D. from the University of Oxford.

1828-1829 – He was the US ambassador to Britain.

1842 – On the 7th of June Barbour died.