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Barbeau, Adrienne

Born: 1945 AD
Currently alive, at 73 years of age.
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1945 – Adrienne Jo Barbeau was born 11th of June in Sacramento, California.

1960 – Moved to New York City and worked as a go-go dancer.

1972-1978 – First  television appearance as the daughter of Bea Arthur’s character on the series, Maude.

                  – Received a Theater Guild award and Tony Award nomination for Grease, as tough-girl Rizzo.

1979-1984 – Married to director John Carpenter.

1980 – Appeared in the horror film, The Fog, which was her first theatrical film appearance.

1981 – She also appeared in the high-grossing comedy, The Cannonball.

1982 – Starred in movie "Swamp Thing"(as Alice Cable).

1986 – She starred in Tomes & Talismans, a library skills series presented as a serialized science fiction story.

1998 – Released her debut album as a folk singer, Adrienne Barbeau.

1999 – Guest star in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges".

2003-2005 – Barbeau starred on the HBO series Carnivale.

2006 – Starred as Judy Garland in the off-Broadway play The Property Known as Garland.

2.9 (57.78%) 18 votes