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Banting, Frederick Grant, Sir

Born: 1891 AD
Died: 1941 AD
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Canadian medical scientist, doctor

1891 – Banting was born on the 14th of November in Alliston, Ontario, Canada.

1916 – He took up medicine and graduated at the University of Toronto.

         – He took his M.B. degree and at once joined the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

1918 – He was wounded at the battle of Cambrai.

1919 – Awarded the Military Cross for heroism under fire.

         – Returned to Canada and was for a short time a medical practitioner at London, Ontario.

1919-1920 – Studied orthopedic medicine and was a Resident Surgeon at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.

1920-1921 – He did part-time teaching in orthopedics at the University of Western Ontario at London, Canada.

1921-1922 – He was a Lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of Toronto.

1922 – He was awarded his M.D. degree, together with a gold medal.


         – He received the Reeve Prize of the University of Toronto.          

         – Banting had been appointed Senior Demonstrator in Medicine at the University of Toronto.

         – Banting and Best started the work, which was to lead to the discovery of insulin.

1923 – Elected to the Banting and Best Chair of Medical Research, which had been endowed by the Legislature of the Province of Ontario.

         – Appointed Honorary Consulting Physician to the Toronto General Hospital.

1923 – In addition to his medical degree, Banting also obtained the LL.D. degree (Queens) and the D.Sc. degree (Toronto).

         – He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.         

         – The Canadian Parliament granted him a Life Annuity of $7,500.

1924 – Banting married Marion Robertson, ended in a divorce in 1932.

1928  – Banting gave the Cameron Lecture in Edinburgh.

1941 – He was killed 21st of February in an air disaster in Newfoundland.

3.1 (61.86%) 43 votes