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Banach, Stefan

Born: 1892 AD
Died: 1945 AD
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1892 – Born on the 30th of March in Cracow, Austria-Hungary now Poland.

1902 – Banach finished primary school in Cracow.

1910 – He finished secondary education at the Henryk Sienkiewicz Gymnasium No. 4.

1910-1916 – Stefan Banach studied engineering at the Lvov Polytechnic.

1918 – Banach helped Steinhaus and the ensuing paper they wrote together was published in Cracow.

1920 – Stefan Banach met Lucja Braus, whom he married in Zakopane.

1922 – Jan Kazimierz University in Lvov awarded Banach his habilitation (a degree allowed to teach at the university) for a Docent in Mathematics for his thesis on measure theory.

1924 – Stefan Banach was promoted to Ordinary Professor.

1924-1925 – He spent the academic year in Paris.

1927-1934 – He wrote some joint papers with Kuratowski.

1929 – He started, with Steinhaus, the journal Studia Mathematica.

1931 – He started co-editing, together with Steinhaus, Knaster, Kuratowski, Mazurkiewicz and Sierpinski, a series titled Mathematical Monographs.

1936 – Banach gave a plenary address at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Oslo, Norway.

1939 – Banach was elected President of the Polish Mathematical Society.

Stefan Banach was in Kiev when Germany invaded the Soviet Union, but he returned immediately to his family in Lvov.

He was arrested, but after few weeks he was released.

1945 – Banach died on 31st of August in Lvov (Lemberg, Lvov), Soviet Union (now Ukraine) because of lung cancer.

Banach contributed to measure theory, integration, the theory of sets and orthogonal series.

2.9 (57.69%) 26 votes