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Bamba, Amadou, Sheikh

Born: 1853 AD
Died: 1927 AD
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1853 – Born in the village of Mbacké in the Kingdom of Baol.

1883 – A religious prayer leader, poet and monk, Ahmadou Bamba founded the Mouride brotherhood.

1895 – The French sentenced him to exile in Gabon.

1910 – The French realized that Bamba was not interested in waging war against them, and was in fact quite cooperative, eventually releasing him to return to his expanded community.

1918 – He won the French Legion of Honor for enlisting his followers in the First World War and the French allowed him to establish his community in Touba, believing in part that his doctrine of hard work could be made to serve French economic interests.

1926 – His movement was allowed to grow, and he began work for the great mosque at Touba where he is buried.

1927 – His death, he has been succeeded by his descendants as hereditary leaders of the brotherhood with absolute authority over the followers.

2.7 (54.55%) 33 votes