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Ballou, Adin

Born: 1803 AD
Died: 1890 AD

1803 – Born on the 23rd of April in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

1813 – He was raised a Six-Principle Baptist when his family was converted in a Christian Connexion revival.

1822 – Ballou married Abigail Sayles.

1837 – Ballou publicly announced he was an abolitionist.

1838 – Ballou converted to Christian Nonresistance.

1839 – He compose Standard of Practical Christianity and a few ministerial colleagues and laymen.

1840 – Convinced his Christian convictions would not allow him to live in the worldly governments any longer.

1841 – Adin and the Practical Christians purchased a farm west of Milford, Massachusetts and named it Hopedale.

1843 – He served as president of the New England Non-resistance Society.

1846 – He made anti-slavery lecture tours in Pennsylvania.

1848 – New York he made anti-slavery lecture lecture.

1854 – Wrote Practical Christian Socialism as an apologetic for the Hopedale Community.

1866 – Ballou was also involved with the Universal Peace Union.

1880 – Wrote "The History of Milford" in honor of the town’s centennial.

1890 – Adin Ballou died on 5th of August .