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Balliol, John de

Born: 1249 AD
Died: 1315 AD
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1250-1250 –  Born at an unknown location, possibilities including Galloway, Picardy and Barnard Castle, County Durham.

1291 – He submitted his claim to the Scottish auditors in an election with King Edward I of England as the arbitrator, at Berwick-upon-Tweed on the 3rd of August.

1292 – The Scottish auditors’ decision in favour of Balliol was pronounced in the Great Hall of Berwick Castle on the 17th of November.

         – He was inaugurated accordingly king of Scotland at Scone, 30th of November, St. Andrew’s Day.

1296 – He Scots were defeated at Dunbar and took Dunbar Castle on the 27th of April.

         – John abdicated by a Deed signed in Brechin castle on the 10th of July.

1299 – John was imprisoned in the Tower of London at first, but eventually released in July and allowed to go to France.

1302 – He made no further attempts to extend his personal support to the Scots.

1306 – Scotland was left without a monarch until the accession of Robert the Bruce.

1313 – Died on a Saturday in April at his family’s barony at Bailleul in France.

3 (60%) 21 votes