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Baldwin V

Born: 1177 AD
Died: 1186 AD
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1177 – Baldwin, born a few months after his father’s death, was little more than a pawn in the politics of the Kingdom.

1176 – Raymond III, first cousin of their father Amalric I of Jerusalem, had been bailli or regent for Baldwin IV while the latter was a child, but once the king came of age, his power began to recede.

1180 – The king countered this by marrying her to Guy of Lusignan instead.

         – Eraclius, appointed Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, has sometimes been associated with this group, but also attempted to make peace between the shifting factions.

1183 – When Saladin invaded the kingdom, Guy hesitated to respond and was considered a weak commander.

1184 – The succession crisis also prompted a mission to the west to seek assistance, Patriarch Eraclius, along with Roger de Moulins, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller, and Arnaud de Toroge, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, travelled throughout the courts of Europe.

1185 – Baldwin IV finally succumbed to his leprosy in spring.

1186 – Baldwin’s reign lasted just over a year, and he died in the summer at Acre.

1187 – Sibylla and Guy’s rule proved to be disastrous, and the kingdom was nearly wiped out by Saladin after the battle of Hattin.

1.5 (30%) 2 votes