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Baldwin III

Born: 1130 AD
Died: 1162 AD
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1130 – Baldwin was among the second generation of children born to the descendents of the original crusaders.

1144 – He captured Edessa, which was a shock to the Western world and led to call for a Second Crusade.

1148 – The crusade finally arrived in Jerusalem, led by Louis VII of France, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Conrad III of Germany.

1148 – Baldwin held a council at Acre, but in-fighting and poor planning plagued the crusaders, and Conrad badly advised Baldwin to attack Damascus, despite the peace treaty.

1149 – The crusaders had returned to Europe, leaving a weakened Jerusalem.

1150 – Baldwin was unable to help defend Turbessel, the last remnant of the county of Edessa, and was forced to cede it to Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus.

         – Baldwin refortified Gaza to place some pressure on the nearby Egyptian outpost of Ascalon.

         – Baldwin and his mother were called to intervene in a dispute between Baldwin’s aunt Hodierna of Tripoli and her husband Count Raymond II.

1152 – Baldwin had been of age to rule by himself for seven years, and he began to assert himself in political affairs.

         – Baldwin demanded a second coronation from Patriarch Fulcher, separate from his mother.

1153 – Baldwin successfully besieged and captured Ascalon itself.

1154 – The mother and son were reconciled, as Baldwin was astute enough to realize his mother’s expertise in statecraft.

1156 – Baldwin was forced to sign a treaty with Nur ad-Din.

1157 – He sent Humphrey of Toron to negotiate with Emperor Manuel, and it was decided that Baldwin should marry Theodora, Manuel’s niece.

1159 – Relations between Jerusalem and Byzantium improved and Baldwin met with Manuel in Antioch.

1162 – Baldwin himself died in Beirut on the 10th of February.

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