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Baldwin II

Born: 10XX AD
Died: 1131 AD
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         – Baldwin was the son of Hugh, count of Rethel, and his wife Melisende, daughter of Guy I of Montlhéry.

1096 – He left his own family behind to follow his cousins on the First Crusade.

1100 – Baldwin of Bourcq also became regent of the Principality, when Bohemund was taken prisoner by the Danishmends.

1101 – Baldwin married Morphia of Melitene, the daughter of the Armenian prince Gabriel of Melitene.

1102 – Baldwin and Tancred assisted King Baldwin against the Egyptians at Ascalon.

1104 – The Seljuk Turks invaded Edessa.

1108 – Tancred and Bohemund preferred to ransom their own Seljuk prisoners for money rather than an exchange for Baldwin, and the count remained in captivity in Mosul, when he was ransomed for 60 000 dinars by Joscelin of Courtenay.

1109 – After reconciling with Tancred, the two participated in the capture of Tripoli.

1118 – Upon the death of Baldwin I, the crown was offered to the king’s elder brother Eustace III, but Joscelin of Courtenay insisted that the crown pass to Baldwin of Bourcq.

         – Baldwin of Edessa accepted and was crowned king of Jerusalem as Baldwin II on Easter Sunday, on the 14th of April.

         – Hugues de Payens founded the Knights Templar in Jerusalem, while the Knights Hospitaller.

1120 – Baldwin also called the Council of Nablus, where he probably established the first written laws for the kingdom, and extended rights and privileges to the growing bourgeois communities.

1122 – Joscelin, who had been appointed count of Edessa when Baldwin became king, was captured in battle.

1125 – Baldwin assembled the knights from all the crusader territories and met the Seljuks at the Battle of Azaz.

1129 – Baldwin attempted to take Damascus with the help of the Templars, but the attempt failed.

1131 – Baldwin fell sick and died on the 21st of August and was buried in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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