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Baldwin I

Born: 1058 AD
Died: 1118 AD
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1058 – Baldwin I was born.

1096 – He joined the First Crusade with his brothers Godfrey and Eustace III of Boulogne, selling much of his property to the church in order to pay for his expenses.

1097 – In September, he took Tarsus from Tancred, and installed his own garrison in the city, with help from a fleet of pirates from Boulogne.

1098 – When Thoros was assassinated in March, Baldwin became the first count of Edessa, although it is unknown if he played any role in the assassination.

         – During these two years he captured Samosata and Seruj from the Muslims, and defeated a conspiracy by some of his Armenian subjects.

1099 – He visited Jerusalem along with Bohemund I of Antioch.

1100 – He returned to Edessa in January.

         – In July, he was invited to Jerusalem by the supporters of a secular monarchy.

1101 – Baldwin captured Arsuf and Caesarea, with assistance from a Genoese fleet.

1102 another battle was fought at Ramlah, with remnants of the Crusade of 1101, including Stephen, Count of Blois, William IX of Aquitaine, and Hugh VI of Lusignan.

1103 – Baldwin besieged Acre, without success as it was relieved by an Egyptian fleet.

1104 – Baldwin was assisted by a Genoese fleet and Acre was captured.

1105 – Another battle was fought at Ramlah and Baldwin was victorious here as well.

1108 – He had abandoned his Armenian wife Arda, on the pretext that she had been unfaithful, or, according to Guibert of Nogent, because she had been raped by pirates on the way to Jerusalem.

1109 – He acted as arbitrator of a council of the greatest barons outside the walls of Tripoli, and forced Tancred to give up his claim to the city. Soon after, the city fell to the crusaders, forming the nucleus of the County of Tripoli.

1110 – Beirut was added to the territory of Jerusalem, again with help from the Genoese.

1113 – Baldwin faced a large invasion by the combined forces of Toghtekin of Damascus and Aksunk-ur of Mosul, and though the kingdom was on the brink of destruction Baldwin was assisted by troops from Antioch and new arrivals of European pilgrims.

1115 – He led an expedition into Oultrejordain and built the castle of Montreal.

1117 – He built the castle of Scandalion near Tyre, which was still in Muslim hands.

1118 – Baldwin was carried back to Jerusalem on a litter but died on the way, at the village of Al-Arish on the 2nd of April.

3.2 (64.14%) 29 votes