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Baker, Lafayette Curry

Born: 1826 AD
Died: 1868 AD
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1826 – Born on October 13th in Stafford, New York. Lafayette Baker, the head of the U.S. Secret Service during the Civil War.

1848 – Baker left his home in Michigan, where the family had moved when he was a child, and worked at a variety of occupations in the West.

1852 – Baker married Jennie C. Curry.

1856 – He joined the San Francisco Vigilance Command.

1861 – Volunteered to penetrate Confederate lines to obtain information for the North.

1862 – He was the chief of the United States Secret Service.

1867 – He wrote History of the United States Secret Service.

1868 – Baker testified before the House Judiciary Committee during Johnson’s impeachment trial.

         – Died on July 3rd in Philadelphia of spinal meningitis and fever.

3.9 (78.7%) 46 votes