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Bajazet I

Born: 1360 AD
Died: 1403 AD

1360 – Around this year Bayezid I was born as son of sultan Murad 1.

1389-1402 – He was the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.


1391 – Laid siege to Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.


1393 – Bayezid’s forces blockaded by Tirnova in today’s Bulgaria.


1394 – Crossed the Danube River attacking Wallachia. He conquered Salonika in today’s Greece.


1396 – Faced with a Hungarian-Venetian crusade, during which he inflicted a crushing defeat at Nicopolis.


1402 – Bayezid’s forces are defeated in the battle of Ankara against Timur Lenk. Bayezid is put in jail.


1403 – He died in Aksehir while in captivity.