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Bain, Alexander

Born: 1818 AD
Died: 1903 AD
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Invented the electric clock, facsimile machine and earth battery.

1818 – Born on the 11th of June in Aberdeen, Scotland.

1836 – He entered Marischal College.

1840 – Became a provider to the Westminster Review (first article "Electrotype and Daguerreotype,").

1841 – Bain substituted for Dr Glennie, the professor of moral philosophy.

1842 – Helped Mill with the change of the manuscript of his System of Logic.

1843 – He contributed the first review of the book to the London and Westminster.

1845 – Selected professor of mathematics and natural philosophy in the Andersonian University of Glasgow.

1848 – Moved to London to fill a post in the Board of Health.

1855 – He in print his first major work, The Senses and the Intellect.

1859 – The Emotions and the Will.

1860 – Appointed by the crown to the new chair of logic and English literature at the University of Aberdeen.

1871 – Recognized by the conferment of the honorary degree of doctor of laws by the University of Edinburgh.

1872 – Two publications in the "International Scientific Series", namely, Mind and Body.

1879 – Education as a Science.

1903 – Alexander Bain died on 18th of September at the age of 85.

1904 – His autobiography was published.

2.6 (52.73%) 22 votes