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Baha, Abdul, Sir

Born: 1844 AD
Died: 1921 AD
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Persian-born religious leader.

1844 – Born on the 23rd of May in Tehran, Persia.

1850 – Witnessed social instability and the persecution of his father and other religious leaders by Shi’ite Muslims.

1853 – Accompanied his father and seventy other devout Baha’ists into exile in Baghdad, Arabia, where they initiated a thriving Babi community.

1866 – Proclaimed himself the third religious leader of the Baha’is as well as the slave of Baha, interpreter of divine revelation, and the promised successor described in the Bab’s covenant.

1904-1907 – The hostile agents jailed him at a Turkish prison, where he continued to receive representatives of all faiths and races.

         – During this period he married Munirih Khanum, mother of their four daughters.

1908 – He was freed from the jail because the Turkish revolution resulted in the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire and the freeing of political and religious prisoners.

1911 – He visited France and England.

1912 – Dispatched reformers to the United States, which he toured in April.

1920 – The King of England knighted him for promoting peace in the Middle East.

1921 – Abdul-Baha died peacefully in his sleep on the 28th of November.

2.8 (56.41%) 39 votes