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Bagration, Pyotr Ivanovich

Born: 1765 AD
Died: 1812 AD
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1765 – He was born in Kizlyar (Dagestan, Northern Caucasus).


1782 – Entered the Russian army and served for a years in Caucasus.


1788 – He participated in the Siege of Ochakov.


1794 – Joined in the Polish campaign.


1799 – His merits were recognized by Suvorov whom he accompanied in the Italian and Swiss campaign.


1805 – Bagration fought against the left wing of the French army commanded by Murat and Lannes.


1812 – Bagration commanded the 2nd army of the West, and though defeated at Mogilev.


         – Rejoined the main army under Barclay de Tolly, and led the left wing at the Battle of Borodino.


1812 – Received a mortal wound that cause him to died on 12th of September,in the village of Simi.






2.8 (55.56%) 18 votes