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Bagehot, Walter

Born: 1826 AD
Died: 1877 AD
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1826 – Born on the 23rd of February at Langport, Somerset England. English economist, social theorist, and literary critic.

1839-1842 – Entered Bristol College, he was deeply influenced by studying anthropology with J. C. Prichard.

1851 – Bagehot sent letters back from a holiday trip in Paris which were published in seven installments as "Letters on the French Coup d’Etat".

1852 – Graduated in mathematics at University College London and he was called to the bar.

1857 – He met James Wilson, founder and editor of the ‘Economist’, a political, literary, and financial weekly.

1867 – He is known for his first book, "The English Constitution".

1872 – He wrote "Physics and Politics".

1873 – Wrote "The Cake of Custom" and "Lombard Street".

1877 – Bagehot died on the 24th of March at Langport.

2.8 (55.27%) 55 votes