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Baez, Buenaventura

Born: 1812 AD
Died: 1884 AD
2.3 (46.67%) 12 votes

1812 – Born on the 14th of July was a President of the Dominican Republic five times.

1844 – Helped to lead a successful rebellion against Haiti, which established the independence of the Dominican Republic.

1846 – Went to Europe to convince France to establish a protectorate over the Dominican Republic, but the French refused.

1849-1853 – Became President of Dominican Republic and he attempted to convince the United States to take over the country.

1856-1858 – President for the second time when he was deposed in a coup.

1866 – Returned to the Dominican Republic and became President again until he was deposed in a coup.

1868-1874 – Served his longest term as President.

1876-1878 – Became President again when he was deposed in a final coup and sent into exile in Puerto Rico.

1884 – He died 14th of March in Puerto Rico.

2.3 (46.67%) 12 votes