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Baer, Karl Ernst von

Born: 1792 AD
Died: 1876 AD
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1792 – Born on the 17th of February in Piep Estonia.

1810 – He starts his medical studies at the University of Dorpat in Estonia.

1814 – Finished his medical studies and continues his studying at Vienna and he studied comparative anatomy at the University of Würzburg.

1819 – Prosecutor in anatomy at the University of Königsberg and he was appointed associate professor of zoology.

1822 – Reached the rank of a Professor. He discovered the mammalian egg (ovum) in the ovary, and the notochord (embryo backbone), and formulated the ‘biogenetic law’ that in embryonic development general characters appear before special ones.

1827 – Completed research "Ovi Mammalium et Hominis genesi" for Saint-Petersburg’s Academy of Science.

1834 – Baer left Germany to take up the position of librarian of the Academy of Science at St. Petersburg.

1837 – He led a scientific expedition into Arctic regions.

1851-1856 – Studied Russian fisheries and suggested many improvements.

1876 – Retired to his native Estonia and died on 28th of November in Dorpat.

2.8 (56.47%) 17 votes