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Badeau, John Stothoff

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 1995 AD

1903 – John Stothoff Badeau Educator and diplomat, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


1928 – Became a minister of the Reformed Church of America.


1928-1935 – Worked as a civil and sanitary engineering missionary work in Iraq.


1936-1938 – Professor of religion of the American University of Cairo.


1938-1944 – He become Dean of the faculty.


1945-1953 – President of the American University of Cairo.


1961-1964 – Appointed as a Ambassador to Egypt.


1964-1971 – Served as Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia.


1968 – One of his works is The American Approach to the Arab World.


1995 – John Stothoff Badeau died.