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Bacon, Nathaniel

Born: 1647 AD
Died: 1676 AD
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1647 – Nathaniel Bacon was born 2nd of January at Friston Hall, Suffolk, England.

1674 – Arrived in Virginia with both money and influence to aid him. Hearing of Bacon’s wish to settle on the frontier, Governor William Berkeley helped arrange the purchase of two estates.

1676 – Governor Berkeley decided to try to patch up his quarrel with Bacon. An elaborate public reconciliation was arranged, and Bacon was restored to a seat on the Council.


        – Wrote a "Declaration of the People", criticizing the Berkeley administration for levying unfair taxes, putting his favorites into high positions, and not protecting the western farmers from the Indians.

1676- Attacked the Pamunkey, Susquehanna, and Occaneechi tribes without a commission from Berkeley, who denounced him as a traitor.

1676 – Marched on Jamestown, and when a compromise settlement failed, he captured and burned the town. At one point he controlled nearly all of Virginia, but troops were on their way from England to support Berkeley.

1676 – Bacon died 26 of October because of influenza.

2.4 (48.89%) 18 votes