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Bacon, Kevin

Born: 1958 AD
Currently alive, at 60 years of age.
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1958 – Kevin Bacon was born 8th of July in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1976 – Became Manning Street Actor’s Theater.

1978 – Made his feature debut as the smarmy Chip Diller in director John Landis’ beloved frat-house epic Animal House.

1980 – Appeared in the movie as Hero at Large and Friday the 13th. Kevin Bacon would re-create his off-Broadway role of a drug-addicted male prostitute in Forty Deuce the same year.

1982 – Memorable appearance as the troubled Timothy Fenwick in Barry Levinson’s Diner (1982). Though Kevin Bacon had appeared in a few major films and displayed an intriguing range of abilities.

1984 – The Footloose that brought Kevin Bacon to stardom and his breakthrough role. 

1987 – Shown the Lemon Sky that Kevin Bacon would meet future wife Kyra Sedgwick; the couple exchanged wedding vows the following year.

1991 – Revived and began to shed his heartthrob image when he become part of the Oliver Stone’s JFK.

1995 – Prove his credibility range in the true story of a brutalized prison inmate opposite Gary Oldman in Murder in the First. His performance as the disillusioned and broken prisoner, accentuated by his famished and frail skeletal figure, was followed by an equally challenging reality-based role as a member of the troubled Apollo 13 lunar mission team in director Ron Howard’s widely praised film.

1996 – Bacon took a turn for the worse as the sadistic reform-school guard responsible for the rape of a trio of young boys in Sleepers.

1999 – Kevin’s entertaining turn as a receptive father tangled in a mind-bending murder mystery in Stir of Echoes Bacon’s gained positive reviews gained positive reviews.

2000 – Bacon fell into psychotic territory as the malicious genius consumed by his discovery of the key to invisibility in Paul Verhoeven’s sadistic Hollow Man.

2003 – Once again tackled a substantial dramatic role, and with the release of Mystic River.

2.9 (58%) 20 votes