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Bachofen, Johann Jakob

Born: 1815 AD
Died: 1887 AD
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1815 – Johann Jakob Bachofen was born in Basel, Switzerland.


1838 – Studied law and ancient sciences in Berlin and Göttingen. He finished his studies with a voluminous doctoral thesis.


1840 – Became professor for Roman law, judge of his home town and got a political position.


1861 – Wrote the book Mother Right: An Investigation of the Religious and Juridical Character of Matriarchy in the Ancient World.


1865 – Married the beautiful and elegant Louise Elisabeth Burckhardt who was 30 years younger than him.


1866 – His one and only son was born.


1887 – Bachofen died 25th of November he led the silent life of a scholar.

Bachofen described his way of life in following word: In the deciding moments of life we rarely act in free self-determination. What seems to be our work basically is higher guidance. We think to choose our profession and actually we are chosen by it.



2.9 (58.85%) 52 votes