Born: 1483 AD
Died: 1530 AD
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Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, popularly known as "Babur", meaning lion was the founder of Mughal Empire in India.

1483 – Born 14th of February in Farghana, now in Uzbekistan.

1504 – Came to Afghanistan and occupied Kabul. Here he assumed the title of Padshah.

1526 – The fifth expedition resulted in the death of Ibrahim Lodhi in the first battle of Panipat, Panipat was merely the beginning of the Mughal rule; Akbar laid its real foundation in 1556.

1528 – Captured Chanderi from the Rajput chief, Medini Rao and a year later he defeated the Afghan chiefs under Mahmud Lodhi in the battle of Ghagra in Bihar. These conquests made Babur the "Master of Hindustan", and the founder of Mughal Empire in the Sub-continent.

1530 – Babur died 26th of December at Agra, was buried at Kabul, in accordance with his own wishes.

Babur was pre-eminently a man of faith. "Nothing happens" he used to say, "but by the will of God".

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2.5 (50.21%) 188 votes