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Babcock, Stephen Moulton

Born: 1843 AD
Died: 1931 AD
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1843 – Stephen Babcock was born in Bridgewater, New York.

1866 – Finished his studies from Tufts University.

1879 – Attended Cornell, where he was also a chemistry instructor; he obtained his doctorate in Germany at Göttingen.

1881 – Invented an early method of simple milk analysis while working at the Geneva, N.Y., agricultural experimental station.

1887-1913 – Professor of agricultural chemistry at the University of Wisconsin (emeritus thereafter), where most of his discoveries were made.

1890 – Babcock’s central interest was the chemical analysis of milk; but he succumbed to pressure from the dairy industry and his Wisconsin colleagues to take an interest in practical, commercial matters.

         – The Babcock test, which he developed was a total success; simple and reliable, it not only tested milk quality but also made it possible to evaluate cattle, fix standards for municipal milk inspection, and set fair milk prices according to quality grading, which discouraged further watering or skimming of milk by farmers.

1897-1900 – The enzyme galactase was isolated, to which the decomposition of protein in curd was traced.

1900 – Coordinate influence of another enzyme, pepsin, was discovered and in 1903 a cold-curing process for cheese perfected. Babcock also helped prepare the way for recognition of vitamin A by studying "hidden hunger" in animals.

1931 – Stephen Babcock died 2nd of July.

New York Legislature honored Babcock with a bill to preserve his birthplace, the farm at Babcock Hill, Bridgewater.

1.9 (37.23%) 94 votes