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Babbitt, Irving

Born: 1865 AD
Died: 1933 AD
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1865 – Irving Babbitt was born 2nd of August in Dayton, Ohio.

1889 – Graduated from Harvard University.

1889-1991 – Studied Latin and Greek, University of Montana.

1890 – With Paul Elmer More in developing the core doctrines that were to constitute New Humanism.

1891 – Went to France to study École Pratique des Hautes-études linked to the Sorbonne, studied Pali literature and Buddhism. Then he took a master’s degree at Harvard, including Sanskrit.

1893 – Finished  MA Oriental Studies, Harvard University.

1894 – Served as Professor in French at Harvard University

1912 – Rising from the ranks to become a full professor of French literature.

         – Credited with introducing the study of comparative literature there.    

1895 – Gave a lecture What is Humanism?, which announced his attack on Rousseau.

1908 – Babbitt’s Literature and the American College caused a stir, but it was assembled from writings already circulated.

        – Continued to publish in the same vein, often derogatory of figures from the French literature that was his avowed specialism.

1912-1933 – Professor of French Literature, Harvard University.    

1923 – Visiting Professor in Sorbonne.

1926 – Wrote an essay The Humanism of Irving Babbitt, a review of Democracy and Leadership.  

1933 – Irving Babbitt died 15th of July in Cambridge.

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2 (40%) 82 votes