Baba, Meher

Born: 1894 AD
Died: 1969 AD
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1894 – Merwan Sheriar Irani was born 25th of February in Poona, India.

1913 – Went to a Christian High School in Poona and later attended Deccan College, while still in college, a momentous event occurred in his life, the meeting with Hazrat Babajan, an ancient Mohammedan woman and one of the five Perfect Masters of the Age. Babajan gave him God-Realization and made him aware of his high spiritual destiny.

1921 – His spiritual mission began, hen he drew together his first close disciples.

         It was these early disciples who gave him the name Meher Baba, which means "Compassionate Father".


         Established a colony near Ahmednagar that is called Meherabad.


1925 – Told his disciples that he would observe silence. He maintained this Silence until the end of his life, His self-imposed silence was not, as he later explained, done as a spiritual discipline but was an important aspect of his universal work for humanity.

1931 – Traveled to the West for the first time, including London and New York.


1952- Travels to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Elizabeth Patterson and other disciples had established the Meher Spiritual Center. The Center was spiritual retreat as well as beautiful nature preserve built for Baba’s work in the west, which continues to serve as an active retreat today. Baba had mentioned he would spill blood in the west, and on May 24, in route from the Meher Spiritual Center to California, his car was hit head on near Prague, Oklahoma. He and Mehera, his closest female disciple, were badly injured, but recovered through treatment.


1954- Publicly declares his Avatarhood for the first time by spelling out on his alphabet board during a gathering, "Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai."


1956 – Travels to the Myrtle Beach and other locations in the US, as well as Brisbane, Australia, where he visits Avatar’s Abode, a spiritual retreat founded for his work. On December 2, outside Satara, India, the car in which Meher Baba was traveling went out of control and a second serious automobile accident occurred. Meher Baba suffered a fractured pelvis and other severe injuries. Dr. Nilu, a close mandali, was killed.


1958 – Meher Baba returns to the Meher Baba Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach for the final time.


1960’s- Meher Baba spends many more long periods fasting and working in seclusion to accomplish his spiritual work for humanity, both in his home in India and at many spiritual sites. He had done so throughout his life, but increased the intensity in this decade.


1966 – At the height of the Psychedelic era, Meher Baba allowed individual visits by three young western academics, who asked about the spiritual aspects of drugs. Baba informed them that drugs were "harmful physically, mentally, and spiritually", and his discussions with them were latter published in a pamphlet, "God in a Pill?"


1968 – Stated that his Universal Work for humanity had been completed to his "100 percent satisfaction", and that the spiritual charge of his Avataric Advent would be most available to seekers for 100 to 200 years after his passing.


1969 – He died 31st of January at his home in Meherazad, India. January 31rst is now celebrated by Baba’s followers as Armartithi, translated as death-less day.


         Meher Baba’s divine presence as Love Personified remains fresh and alive. His message of love and truth continues to draw new seekers of God.


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2.5 (50.83%) 144 votes