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Ayllon, Lucas Vasquez de

Born: 1475 AD
Died: 1526 AD
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1475 – Born in Hispania, Spain.

1521 – He was a member of the Real Audiencia in Santo Domingo. He sent an expedition to Florida under Francisco Gordillo, who, in June, landed in lat. 33 deg, 31’, somewhere near Cape Fear in North Carolina.

1524 – In quest of the Northwest passage, Ayllon came up from Hispaniola, and tried the James River and Chesapeake Bay. He received from Charles V a grant of the land he had discovered.

1526 – After exploring the Georgia and Carolina coast (to Cape Fear or northward), they landed in the Winyah Bay area of present-day South Carolina.

       – Commanded six vessels with 500 colonists, supplies and livestock, sailing from Santo Domingo in mid-July.
       – Died on the 18th of October.

2.5 (50.82%) 98 votes