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Muhammad, Abu al-Walid (Averrhoes; AverroŽs)

Born: 1126 AD
Died: 1198 AD, at 72 years of age.

Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Philosophers


1126 - Born in Codova, Spain. Averroes, whose Arabic name Abu al-Walid Muhammad Ibn Rushd, was an Islamic philosopher and qadi (judge) who did most of his work in Seville and Cordova, Spain.

         - Averroes is generally regarded as Islam's greatest Aristotelian philosopher, having written extensive commentaries on Aristotle's surviving works and even more works on how Aristotle's ideas could be adapted to Islamic theology.

1169 - Averroës, who was versed in the Malekite system of law, was made cadi of Seville and in similar appointments the next twenty-five years of his life were passed.

1195 - Averroës was accused of heretical opinions and pursuits, stripped of his honors, and banished to a place near Córdoba, where his actions were closely watched.

1198 - Died on December 10th in Marrakech, Morocco.


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