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Austin, Stephen Fuller

Born: 1793 AD
Died: 1836 AD
3.3 (66.92%) 26 votes

1793 – Born on November 3rd in Austinville, Virginia. Stephen Fuller Austin is considered the founder of Anglo-American Texas.

1804 – He attended school in Connecticut and later graduated with distinction from Transylvania University in Kentucky.

1813 – He was elected to the territorial Legislature of Missouri.

1819 – He removed to the Arkansas Territory, where he was appointed a circuit judge.

1821 – He established a colony of several hundred American families on the Brazos river, the principal town being named, in his honor, San Felipe de Austin.

1822 – He studied law and founded the first legal settlement of Anglo-Americans in Texas.

1833 – He was sent to the city of Mexico to present a petition from a convention in Texas praying for the erection of a separate state government.

1834 – He originally opposed separation from Mexico, but was imprisoned by the Mexican authorities after he attempted to change Texas’ status within the Mexican confederation.

1835 – He found the Texans in armed revolt against Mexican rule, and was chosen commander-in-chief of the revolutionary forces, but after failing to take San Antonio resigned the command, for which he had never considered himself fitted.

         – Went to the United States as a commissioner to secure loans and supplies, and to learn the position the United States authorities would be likely to take in the event of a declaration of Texan independence.

1836 – Died of pneumonia on December 27th in Austin, Texas.

3.3 (66.92%) 26 votes