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Austin, Moses

Born: 1761 AD
Died: 1821 AD
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1761 – Born in Durham on the 4th of October.

1784 – Moved to Philadelphia to enter the dry goods business with his brother.

1785 – He married into the affluent iron mining family of Mary Brown.

1796 – In December, Austin and a companion traveled to investigate the Spanish mines.

1798 – The Spanish crown granted to Moses one-league.

         – He moved his family from Austinville and built his home, Durham Hall, an imposing southern-style mansion, in Potosi.

1808 – He founded the town of Herculaneum on the Mississippi River.

1813 – Austin petitioned the territorial legislature to create Washington County, with Potosi as the seat of government.

1820 – On the 11th of March, he was arrested at his house for his nonpayment of his debts.

1821 – Died on the 10th of June.

3.1 (62.73%) 22 votes