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Austin, John

Born: 1790 AD
Died: 1859 AD
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1790 – An English jurist, was born on the 3rd of March.

1806 – John Austin entered the army at a very early age; he is said to have been only sixteen. He served with his regiment under Lord William Bentinck in Malta and Sicily.

1812 – Resigned his commission in the army, and returned home. He then began to read law in the chambers of a barrister.

1818-1825 – Studied law and was called to the Bar. Joined the Norfolk circuit, but he never obtained any large practice, and he finally retired from the bar.

         – He married Sarah Taylor.

1826-1832 – He did not long continue to practise, but devoted himself to the study of law as a science, and became Professor of Jurisprudence in London University.

         – He served on various Royal Commissions. By his works he exercised a profound influence on the views of jurisprudence held in England. These include The Province of Jurisprudence Determined, and his Lectures on Jurisprudence.

1842 – Austin published in the Edinburgh Review an attack upon Friedrich List’s system of trade protection (Das nationale System der politischen Okonomie).

1859 – He published a pamphlet entitled "A Plea for the Constitution." This was occasioned by the publication of Lord Grey’s essay on "Parliamentary Government".

2.7 (54%) 20 votes