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Aurelianus, Lucius Domitius

Born: 2140 AD
Died: 2750 AD
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214 – Born on the 9th of September in Dacia, Rome.

268 – His cavalry routed the powerful cavalry force of the Goths at the Battle of Naissus and broke the back of the most fearsome invasion of Roman.

270 – He was proclaimed emperor in September by the legions in Sirmium.

      – He campaigned in northern Italia against the Vandals, Juthungi, and Sarmatians, expelling them from Roman territory.

271 – The Alamanni moved towards Italia, entering in the Padan plain and sacking the villages; they passed the Po River, occupied Placentia and moved towards Fano.

272 – He turned his attention to the lost eastern provinces of the empire, the so-called "Palmyrene Empire" ruled by Queen Zenobia from the city of Palmyra.

273 – After a brief clash with the Persians and another in Egypt against usurper Firmus, he was forced to return to Palmyra in when that city rebelled once more.

274 – The victorious emperor turned his attention to the west, and the "Gallic Empire" which had already been reduced in size by Claudius II.

275 – He marched towards Asia Minor, preparing another campaign against the Sassanids: the deaths of Kings Shapur I and Hormizd I in quick succession, and the rise to power of a weakened ruler (Bahram I), set the possibility to attack the Sassanid Empire.

      – Died in September in Caenophrurium, Thrace, Rome.

2.8 (56%) 10 votes