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Aung San

Born: 1915 AD
Died: 1947 AD
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1915 – Born on the 13th of February in Natmauk, Magwe, Burma.

1936 – He was expelled from the university, along with Ko Nu (later Thakin Nu), for refusing to reveal the name of the author of the article Hell Hound At Large, which criticized a senior University official.

1938 – He was elected president of both the Rangoon University Students Union (RUSU) and the All-Burma Students Union (ABSU) formed after the strike spread to Mandalay.

       – He moved from student politics to nationalist politics.

1940 – He attended the Indian National Congress Assembly in Ramgarh, India. However, the government issued a warrant for his arrest due to Thakin attempts to organize a revolt against the British, and he had to flee Burma.

1941 – Returned to Burma, with an offer of arms and financial support from the Fumimaro Konoe government.

1943 – He was once again promoted to the rank of Major-General. Soon afterwards, he was invited to Japan, and was presented with the Order of the Rising Sun by the Emperor.

       – The Japanese declared Burma to be an independent nation.

1945 – He led the BNA in a revolt against the Japanese occupiers and helped the Allies defeat the Japanese.

1946 – Became the President of the AFPFL following the return of civil government to Burma the previous October.

1947 – He and the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee signed an agreement in London guaranteeing Burma’s independence within a year – he had been responsible for its negotiation.

       – Signed an agreement at the Panglong Conference, with leaders from other national groups, expressing solidarity and support for a united Burma.

       – Died on the 19th of July in Rangoon, Burma.

3.2 (63.33%) 42 votes