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Carl Auer Freiherr von Welsbach (Baron von Welsbach)

Born: 1858 AD
Died: 1929 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Chemists


1858 - Born in Vienna, Austria on the 9th of September.

1877 - He went to secondary school in Mariahilf and Josefstadt before graduating, and joining the Army as a Second Lieutenant.

1878 - He entered the University of Vienna, studying math, general chemistry, engineering physics, and thermodynamics.

1880 - He then moved to the University of Heidelberg, where he continued his studies in chemistry under the direction of Robert Bunsen (inventor of the bunsen burner).

1882 - He received his Ph.D. and returned to Vienna to work as an unpaid assistant in Prof. Lieben's laboratory, working with chemical separation methods for investigations on rare earth elements.

1885 - He used a method he developed himself to separate didymium for the first time.

1890 - He introduced a new form of the mantle based on a mixture of 99% thorium dioxide and 1% cerium(IV) oxide which he developed in collaboration with his colleague Dr. Haittinger. These proved both more robust as well as having a much "whiter" light.

1898 - He worked on this until finally developing a workable technique, and started a new factory to produce his Auer-Oslight, which he introduced commercially.

1903 - He won another patent for what is today known as a "flint", although the term is not well-applied.

1907 - He formed Treibacher Chemische Werke GesmbH to build and market the devices.

1922 - He presented a major paper on his work on the separation of radioactive elements.

1929 - Died on the 8th of April in  Welsbach Castle (Carinthia), Austria.


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