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Audubon, John James

Born: 1785 AD
Died: 1851 AD
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1785 – The American naturalist John James Audubon was born on April 26th in Les Cayes, Santo Domingo, Haiti.

1798 – Returned to America, he settled on a farm near Philadelphia, and gave himself up to the study of natural history, and especially to drawing birds.

1808 – Married his wife Lucy Bakewell and the yhad two sons.

1826 – Went to England in the hope of getting his drawings published.

1827 – He had obtained sufficient subscribers to enable him to begin the publication of his Birds of America.

1838 – Completed 435 colored plates, containing 1055 figures of birds the size of life. Georges Cuvier called it "le plus magnifique monument que l’art ait encore elevée a la nature".


1931-1839 – The descriptive matter to accompany the plates appeared at Edinburgh in 5 volumes under the title of "American Ornithological Biography".

         – During the publication of these works Audubon divided his time between Great Britain and America, devoting his leisure to expeditions to various parts of the United States and Canada for the purpose collecting new material.


1842 – He bought an estate on the Hudson, now Audubon Park in New York City.

1844 – He published in America a popular octavo edition of his Birds of America.

1846 – He also took up the preparation of a new work, The Quadrupeds of America, with the collaboration of John Bachman, the publication of which was begun in New York.

1851 – Died on January 27th in Minnie’s Land (Audubon Park), New York City. His remains were buried in Trinity Cemetery, 115th Street and Broadway, New York City.

2.8 (56.3%) 27 votes