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Aubriot, Hugues

Born: 13XX AD
Died: 1391 AD
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         – Hugues Aubriot was born in Dijon.

1370 – He built the Bastille.

         – He was a capable administrator who built the first sewers in Paris, and strengthened the City’s fortifications.

         – He was on very poor terms with both the Church, and the University of Paris, which was dominated by the Clergy.

1380 – He arrested citizens who had harassed the City’s Jews. For this, he was placed on trial, and a variety of trumped up charges were brought against him, including heresy, sodomy, and extortion.

         – He was instead, sentenced to life imprisonment on bread and water. In subsequent disturbances in Paris, he was released by a mob who were rioting against excessive taxation, and sought his support. Prudently, he took the opportunity to flee from the City.

1382 – Hugues Aubriot died in Dijon.

2.6 (52%) 10 votes