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Attlee, Clement Richard

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1967 AD
2.9 (58.18%) 11 votes

1883 – Born in Putney, London on the 3rd of January.

1908 – He left the Fabian Society and joined the Independent Labour Party.

1913 – Attlee became a lecturer at the London School of Economics.

1914 – Applied for a Commission for World War I.

1918 – He recovered back in England, and was sent to France in to serve on the Western Front for the last few months of the war.

1919 – Attlee became involved in local politics in the immediate post-war period, becoming mayor of the London borough of Stepney.

1922 – General election, Attlee became the MP for the constituency of Limehouse in Stepney.

         – He was Ramsay MacDonald’s parliamentary private secretary for the brief parliament.

1926 – He actively supported the General Strike.

1927 – He reluctantly joined the multi-party Simon Commission, a Royal Commission set up to examine the possibility of granting self-rule to India.

1930 – Labour MP Oswald Mosley left the party after its rejection of his proposals for solving the unemployment problem.

1931 – Attlee was given the deputy leadership under George Lansbury in the aftermath.

1939 – Attlee remained opposition leader when war broke out.

1940 – Attlee was Lord Privy Seal.

1942 – Dominions Secretary.

         – Deputy Prime Minister.

1943 – Lord President of the Council.

1955 – Attlee led the party in opposition until December, when he retired from the Commons and was elevated to the peerage to take his seat in the House of Lords as Earl Attlee and Viscount Prestwood on the 16th of December.

1967 – Died on the 8th of October in buried in Westminster Abbey.

2.9 (58.18%) 11 votes