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Attila the Hun

Born: 4060 AD
Died: 4530 AD
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406 AD – Born in Hungary. He was called the Scourge of God by the Romans, Attila the Hun was King and General of the Hun Empire.


433 AD – Succeeding his Uncle, King Roas, Attila shared his throne with his brother Bleda.


434 AD – East Roman Emperor Theodosius II offered Attila and Bleda 660 pounds of gold annually with hopes of securing an everlasting peace with the Huns.


441 AD – Attila’s Huns attacked the Eastern Roman Empire. The success of this invasion emboldened Attila to continue his westward expansion.


451 AD – Suffered a setback on the Plains of Chalons, by the allied Romans and Visigoths, Attila turned his attention to Italy.


452 AD – After having laid waste to Aquileia and many Lombard cities, the Scourge of God met Pope Leo I who dissuaded him from sacking Rome.


453 AD – He died not on the battlefield, but on the night of his marriage. On that night Attila, who, despite common misconceptions, was not a heavy drinker, drank heavily in celebration of his new bride.

3.2 (64.86%) 140 votes