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Arthur, Owen Seymour

Born: 1949 AD
Currently alive, at 69 years of age.
2.9 (57.62%) 42 votes

1949 – Born on the 17th of October.

1971-1974 – Owen Arthur was educated at the University of the West Indies – Cave Hill, Barbados and Mona, Jamaica where he earned a BA in economics and history and an MSc in economics.

1981 – He held positions with Jamaica’s National Planning Agency and the Jamaica Bauxite Institute before returning to Barbados and joining the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

1983 – He was appointed to the Barbados Senate.

1984 – He was elected to the House of Assembly.

1993 – He was chosen to serve as Leader of the Opposition, very shortly after giving notice that he was considering departing from politics due to his inability to survive at a satisfactory level on the means of an MP.

1994 – He is leader of the Barbados Labour Party, which brought him to victory in general elections in September.

1999 – He won general elections again in January.

2003 – One of the main platforms of Prime Minister Owen Arthur for the elections was his promise to continue the process of Independence for Barbados and transform the country into a Parliamentary Republic

2005 – Owen Arthur stated a national referendum would be given with a question to poll the public which would read something like: "Do you believe Barbados should have a Barbadian as its head of state?"

2.9 (57.62%) 42 votes