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Artaxerxes II

Born: 4360 AD
Died: 3590 AD
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436 BC – Artaxerxes II was born.

401 BC – He defended his position against his brother Cyrus the Younger, who was defeated and killed at the Battle of Cunaxa and against a revolt of the provincial governors, the satraps.

         – He also became involved in a war with Persia’s erstwhile allies, the Spartans, who, under Agesilaus, invaded Asia Minor.

386 BC – Artaxerxes II betrayed his allies and came to an arrangement with Sparta, and in the Treaty of Antalcidas he forced his erstwhile allies to come to terms.

356 BC – His death caused Artaxerxes enormous grief, and there was public mourning for him throughout the empire as an offering to the king from his subjects.

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