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Arkwright, Richard, Sir

Born: 1732 AD
Died: 1792 AD
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1732 – Born on the 23rd of December in Preston, Lancashire, NW England, UK.

1755 – Married his first wife, Patience Holt.

1768 – He set up his celebrated spinning-frame in Preston; the first machine that could produce cotton thread of sufficient strength to be used as warp.

1769 – He had patented the Water Frame.

1779 – Popular opinion went against him on the grounds that his inventions reduced the need for labour, and in his large mill near Chorley was destroyed by a mob.

1775 – He took out another patent, this time for the complete process of cotton-thread production.

1771 – He converted to water power and built a new mill in the Derbyshire village of Cromford.

1788 – He purchased an estate from Florence Nightingale’s father, William, for £20,000 and set about building Willersley Castle for himself and his family.

1786 – He was knighted.

1785 – A series of court cases followed as he attempted to prosecute rivals who had infringed his patents, culminating in an action brought by The Crown.

1792 – He died aged 59 on the 3rd of August.

2 (40%) 6 votes