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Born: 2560 AD
Died: 3360 AD
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256 – Arius born this year. He was an early Christian theologian, who taught that the Son of God was not eternal, and was subordinate to God the Father, a view known generally as Arianism.

306 – Having been trained by Lucian the presbyter of Antioch and a non-trinitarian, and following a reconciliation Arius was ordained as a deacon by Bishop Peter I of Alexandria.

313 – He was restored by and then ordained by Achillas as the Presbyter of Alexandria, but when Achillas died that same year Arius was denied the Patriarchate of Alexandria (to which he aspired) by Bishop Alexander I of Alexandria.

320 – He was able to win support for his position among many prominent theologians and Church leaders in the eastern part of the Empire, including for example: Auxentius Arian Bishop of Milan, Eusebius Arian Bishop of Nicomedia, and Ulfilas Arian Bishop of Dacia.

336 – Assassinated in Constantipole this year.

2.8 (56.74%) 43 votes