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Aristides the Just

Born: 5300 AD
Died: 4680 AD
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530 – Born in Athena, Greece.

490 – During the first Persian invasion, he was one of the ten Athenian generals, but when his turn to command came, he gave up his turn to Miltiades, thinking him to be a better commander.

489-488 – As a consequence of the distinction with which he served in the battle, he was elected Chief Archon for the ensuing year.

484 – Themistocles was left face-to-face with him, the last hope of the conservative aristocratic party.

483 – The conflict between the two leaders ended in his ostracism.

480 – He offered his services to Themistocles, his political rival, and the main force behind his ostracism, and helped persuade the other Greeks that Themistocles’ strategy of fighting a naval battle at Salamis was a sound one.

479 – At the battle of Plateae, he was one of the Athenian commanders, and was instrumental in keeping the Greek alliance together despite its internal disagreements between the forces of the different city states.

478 – He was commanded to Ionia and, there, he won the local Greek cities’ trust because he opposed the tyrannic policies which were implemented by the same Pausanias; on Spartan behalf.

477 – As one of the Athenian commissioners for the continuation of the war, he won over the other Greek cities, who were becoming restive under the harsh and selfish command of Pausanias, the Spartan commander.

      – He introduced sweeping changes to the Athenian constitution which allowed all citizens, without taking into account their rank, to be admitted to the archonship.

468 – Died on an official journey to the Black Sea, at Pontus.

3 (60%) 7 votes