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Ariosto, Ludovico

Born: 1474 AD
Died: 1533 AD
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1474 – Born on September 8th in Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy. Italian poet, Ariosto’s work was the most celebrated narrative poem of the Italian high Renaissance.

1502-1503 – He was appointed commander of the fort of Canossa.

         – He entered the service of Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. As familiare, he was at present when the cardinal ate, he was ready to welcome him whenever he came home, helped him undress, and gave him drinks made of medicinal plants.

1505 – Ariosto began writing Orlado Furioso, but he constantly expanded the work, polished its metre, and revised it to fit in the Tuscan vernacular.

1513 – Ariosto met Alessandra Benucci, she became Ariosto’s mistress.

1518 – He was dismissed from the court and he entered the service of Alfonso I, Duke of Ferrara, the Cardinal’s brother.

1522 – He was sent to govern the Garfagnana region in the wildest part of the Apuan Alps, where he was not happy with his duties.

1527 – Ariosto secretly married the widow Alessandra Benucci, and spent the last part of his life revising and enlarging Orlando Furioso.

1533 – Died on July 6th in Ferrera, Italy.

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