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Arias Navarro, Carlos

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1989 AD

1908 – Born on the 11th of December in Madrid.

1929 – He served in the Ministry of Justice since as attorney in Málaga and Madrid.

1949 – Governor of Navarre.

1957 – Director general of security.

1965 – Mayor of Madrid.

1973 – He became Minister of Governance in June.

1975 – He was succeeded by Adolfo Suárez, named general secretary of the Francoist official party Movimiento Nacional in December.

1974 – Prime minister of Spain.

1977 – In June, during the first free general elections held since 1936, Arias Navarro integrated the Alianza Popular Francoist party created by Manuel Fraga.

1989 – Died on the 27th of November.