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Argall, Samuel, Sir

Born: 1580 AD
Died: 1626 AD
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1580 – Born on the 4th of December.

1609 – Argall, a English ship captain employed by the Virginia Company of London, was the first to develop a shorter, more northerly route for sailing from England across the Atlantic Ocean to the Virginia Colony and its primary port and seat of government at Jamestown.

1610 – He arriving back at the Colony in the summer, when Royal Governor Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr started a period of aggressive and hostile action of the English against the Native Americans in Virginia.

1613 – In March, Captain Argall, who was looking for food for the settlement, sailed up the Potomac River.

1617 – He served what was considered an unsatisfactory term as deputy governor of Virginia beginning.

1620 – He was captain of a merchant vessel which took part in an expedition against Algiers, which at the time was a French Colony in North Africa.

1622 – On the 26th of June, he was knighted by King James I.

1625 – He was the admiral of a fleet of 28 vessels which took many prizes off the coast of France and in October commanded the flagship in an unsuccessful attack on Cadiz.

1626 – Died at sea on or about 24th of January.

1.8 (36%) 5 votes