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Appleby, John Francis

Born: 1840 AD
Died: 1917 AD
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1840 – Born in Westmoreland, New York.

1845 – He moved to Wisconsin with his parents and settled on a farm near Palmyra.

1858 – While working on his step-father’s farm in Iowa County, he invented the basic knotting device that was to become the foundation for all farm binding machinery.

1862-1865 – During the Civil War he served with the 23rd Wisconsin Infantry, and while in the army invented a cartridge magazine and a needle gun.

1867 – Returning to Wisconsin at the close of the war, he settled near Mazomanie where he tested his first grain binder unsuccessfully.

1870 – He moved to Beloit where he continued his experiments in the farm machinery shop of Charles H. Parker and Gustavus Stone.

1874 – He developed a successful wire binder, but was refused financial support because of farmer resentment against the use of wire binding.

       – He returned to Mazomanie and formed the Appleby Reaper Works to construct self- rake reapers.

1878-1879 – He went again to Beloit where, with the backing of Parker and Stone, he perfected a successful twine binder on which patents were issued.

1881 – He sold his patent interests to the Champion Machine Works of Springfield, Ohio, and left the state. He continued to work on various inventions and eventually patented a horse-drawn cotton picker.

1917 – He died in Chicago, where he spent the latter part of his life.

4.1 (82.78%) 36 votes